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Agile in the Agency
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Increasingly, agencies are being asked by their clients if they are agile. Most have agile practices but when a client asks for whether people are trained, what methodology is being followed an agency can come unstuck. Our 1/2 day course is run by consultants in the field who have both agency and corporate experience. We can see things from both sides of the coin.
Ideally before taking the course you and your team will have some knowledge of Agile or exposure to Scrum (see introduction to Agile course for further details).
The course modules include:
- Selling agile - how to sell the benefits of Agile, how to price Agile projects, selling to Public sector, your unique selling proposition
- Fixed Price vs T&M - the benefits and challenges of selling Fixed Price projects, the benefits and challenges of T & M projects, Ideal agile customer check-list, When to walk away from
an ‘agile’ project
The key benefits to you and your team from taking this course include:
- Understand the landscape from your client’s point of view
- Identify the reasons you might win or lose sales
- Know what model to use to price your projects
- Identify when agile isn’t appropriate for a project
The course format mostly takes place in a lecture style way but discussion is integral and there will USP workshop is included and will be designed to relate to the agencies own environment. In addition to the above all course materials will be available online for participants to download and comprehensive training feedback will be provided to enable you to measure the increase in your team's knowledge and experience.
The 1/2 day course allows for up to 10 participants

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